Who we are

Martin Friedman and Charles Valva have been principals of F.X. Incorporated for over 30 years. Marty came to the contract office furniture industry in February, 1976 with Herman Miller selling some of the largest projects in the country. After 10 years he joined some other HM alumni to form the management core at R&G Affiliates, then the sole NY dealer for Herman Miller.

Charles Valva began his career as a union carpenter with Elgem, the country’s largest contract furniture installation company. He quickly rose to field service supervisor and then Sales Manager responsible for securing national and multi-national accounts for their facilities needs.

Marty and Charley met doing exactly what they do today: Marty sold a project and kept his promise to his client of being there, on site to assure everything went as promised. The installation company he hired for this Morgan Stanley project was Charles Valva’s new start up Installation Company and Charley made and kept the same promise to his clients, A marriage was born.

Throughout these 30 years not a single project delivery and installation has ever taken place without one or both of them on site and available to keep the promises: get clients working on time and in budget, and without the annoying write ups caused by minor changes on site. Marty and Charley own it and are free to make field split decisions often the difference between a happy and unhappy client.